MI Remodelers is Michigan's fastest-growing construction company. We are a full-service remodeler with decades of experience as a siding installer, we offer complete siding repair and replacement services to homeowners in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw, and Livingston counties.

We pride ourselves in offering high-quality soffit, trim, and siding installation services for residential properties. Our team of contractors has the skills, training, and industry knowledge to help you choose the perfect siding option for your property's unique needs, whether vinyl siding, fiber cement, other material. We believe every customer deserves the best. Therefore, we only use high-quality materials, tools, and equipment to ensure that every siding project is completed professionally, efficiently, and to the highest standards.

As a full service remodeler we can offer customization options many contractors don't have access to.

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Types Of Residential Siding

New dutch lap and shingle vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, vinyl siding, trim, and soffit is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a synthetic plastic material, and is meant to mimic the look of traditional wooden siding. Vinyl siding is popular among clients and builders because it is relatively low-cost, durable, and requires low maintenance. It is also available in various colors and styles, allowing customers to customize the exterior elements of their home. Additionally, the process of vinyl siding and soffit installation is straight forward and it can often be installed directly over existing siding, saving time and money during installation.

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Example Project: Vinyl siding replacement

James Hardie fiber cement siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding, trim, and soffit is made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. It is designed to mimic traditional wooden siding but is more durable and requires less maintenance. Fiber cement siding is popular among customers and builders because it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures. It is also available in various colors and styles, allowing you to truly customize your home's exterior.

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Example Project: James Hardie Over wooden planks

Wood siding

Wood Siding

Wood siding, trim, and soffit is made from various species, including cedar, redwood, pine, and spruce. It is a traditional and popular choice for clients who value wood's natural beauty and warmth. This siding material can be painted or stained to match the homeowner's preference and is easily repaired if damaged compared to other materials. However, regular maintenance, such as cleaning and sealing, is necessary to prevent water damage, rot, and insect infestation.

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Example Project: Wood shingle and Vinyl Siding

Metal siding installation - Upgrade

Metal Siding

Metal siding and soffit is made from various metals, including aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper. It is a durable and long-lasting option for homeowners who want a modern, industrial feel for their home's exterior. It can also be painted or coated in various colors and finishes, allowing homeowners to customize the style of their home. Compared to other materials, metal siding can be more challenging to install and requires more than a pair of tin snips, a utility knife, and a zip tool.

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Example Project: Metal siding and bay window in Royal Oak MI

Veneer and siding - New build

Stone Veneer

Veneer is made from thin slices of natural or manufactured stones. It is designed to mimic a traditional masonry material but is lighter and more cost-effective than full-thickness cuts. Veneer is available in various styles and colors, including limestone, granite, slate, and river rock, allowing customers to customize the aesthetic of their home's exterior and add some real curb appeal. You can install siding on various surfaces, including wood, concrete, and metal, and can be used to cover the entire exterior of a home or as an accent feature.

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Example Project: siding and Stone Veneer Replacement

Siding Profiles

The siding profile refers to the shape and design of the boards or panels used to cover the exterior walls of a home. Using a combination of profiles is a great way to bring depth and character to your home's exterior elements.

Siding Installation: Clapboard profile

Clapboard siding

Features long, narrow boards overlapping to create a horizontal pattern.

Siding Installation: Dutch lap profile

Dutch lap siding

Features a groove cut into the top of each board, creating a shadow line that gives the siding a more textured feel.

Siding Installation: Board and batten profile

Board and batten siding

Features wide boards with a vertical orientation, separated by narrower strips called battens.

Siding Installation: Shake profile

Shake & Shingle Siding

Features small, rectangular pieces installed to create a clean, uniform look or in a staggered pattern, creating a rustic, textured look.

Siding Installation: Beaded profile

Beaded siding

Features a rounded bead at the bottom of each board, creating a more decorative and textured look.

Siding Installation: Half-round profile

Half-round siding

Features curved boards that have a semicircular cross-section. This is popular for accent areas like gables, dormers, or porch ceilings.

Siding Installation: Insulation profile

Insulated siding

This style comes with a layer of insulation on the backside. This extra layer of insulation helps to increase your home's ability to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The Benefits of Hiring Siding Contractors

While it may be tempting for some homeowners to try DIY installation with siding, hiring a certified installer and a professionally operated company comes with several important benefits. If you have a big project with multiple stories the best option is often to hire a professional.

  1. Experience and expertise:
    A certified company will have the skills from years of experience and manufacturer training courses. This includes knowing how to handle different types of siding materials, like the best way to remove vinyl siding. They will also be familiar with various installation techniques. Helping you to stay on budget when completing your upgrade.

  2. Know the actual cost:
    The last thing you want is to get hit with an unforeseen issue that dramatically increases the project cost while installing siding. A professional installer will know what to look for and be able to give you an accurate quote of the total project cost and a timeline for completion.

  3. Safety:
    Siding installation can be dangerous, especially in a multi-story building. A professional will have the necessary safety equipment and know how to prevent accidents. They will also have the insurances needed to cover you and your property in the case a worker is injured.

  4. Warranty:
    Quality siding companies, like the team at MI Remodelers, will warranty the labor and materials on a project. If something goes wrong, you can feel confident knowing they will find a solution without additional cost.

At MI Remodelers, we are not just another siding contractor. We are a full-service construction company capable of handling anything essential to a successful siding project. Services that siding-only installers don't offer.

When you work with the construction experts at MI Remodelers, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your entire project is in good hands. Text or call us today at 888 544-7366 to learn more about our siding services.

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Signs It's Time to Replace Your Siding

Even with regular upkeep, damaged siding is inevitable. So if you are beginning to notice any of the following, it's time to get a professional inspection to determine whether a complete siding replacement is necessary.

Cracks, Warping, or Rotting

Visibly damaged siding is the biggest red flag that your siding is past its prime. It is important to thoroughly inspect your home's exterior once a year, as even minor cracks can indicate a more significant problem.

Fungus, Mold, or Mildew

Be cautious of any growth or discoloration, especially near seams, as these substances thrive where moisture is present. Their presence could indicate a weakness in your siding's ability to protect your home.

Peeling Paint Inside Your Home

Sometimes, exterior siding issues can manifest indoors. For instance, moisture penetrating your siding can lead to peeling wallpaper or paint on your interior walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of replacing the siding on your home can vary widely depending on the materials used, your home's size, and the project's complexity. For example, vinyl siding is generally less expensive than fiber cement siding. On average, you will pay between $10 and $50+ per square foot. A detailed estimate from one of our certified siding contractors will give you a clear idea of the job and total cost.

The time taken to install vinyl siding and other materials depends on several factors, such as the location and size of your home, the material you chose, the team of installers you hire, and how much siding will need to be removed. Generally, new siding is not something that can be in done in a few hours. It can take anywhere from several days to several weeks. However, speaking with one of our professional siding contractors can provide you with a more accurate timeline based on your project and specific details.

Fresh siding can increase curb appeal and provide a substantial return on investment (ROI). The ROI you'll see on your home's value after replacing the siding will depend on the quality and type of siding you choose and your area's overall real estate market. On average, you can recoup around 75% of your investment in the new siding when you sell your home.

Video Testimonials

Siding and Cement in Clarkston
The Kociks were looking to avoid the continuous maintenance required for the wood trim, fascia, and soffit on their Clarkston home.

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Online Testimonials

Gary and team did a great job on our exterior remodel! We had cedar shake siding that was stained and wearing badly. Mi remodelers was really patient with us while we decided whether we wanted to restain or try to power wash it natural and just seal. Thankfully we were able to go natural with it and love how it turned out!! They also replaced our garage door and did a ton of trim painting. It all looks so good together! We would definitely use them for future projects 😊
@Melissa Meyer
Our son in law recommended them to install gutters. Very glad we went with them! They came out quickly for an estimate. They were very reasonable and use quality materials. Soon after the estimate an appointment was scheduled to install the gutters. They showed up on time and were in and out in a matter of hours and did a quality job!!
@Kim H.
Excellent experience! Upon meeting with Gary, he educated me and inspired me regarding the decisions that I made on the upgrading of my home. Everyone was so professional, pleasant and timely. Will call for any work needed in the future! Have and will continue to refer anyone in need of home repairs.
@Kristy F.
Greatly appreciate MI Remodelers for garage and driveway, new drainage, and garage and porch brick repair. Very professional management and team. The job is formed and ready to pour. The financing has been easy. Ken (the expert with 37 years in the business) and Gary (the owner) have been onsite every step of the way. Gary has been hands on, responsive, and outstanding to work with. The onsite team of 5 hard and professional workers was refreshing. We had some unexpected surprises while clearing the old driveway, and no changes to contract. Not only do I appreciate Gary, during the excavation, he noted several opportunities for improvement that I took advantage of. Yeah, for a cost, but I really appreciate the guidance and suggestions and opportunity to take advantage of a larger driveway width that made more sense. Nice job. I figure that I will update this after the concrete is poured, and again after a month since I highly recommend this company. And personally, very rare that I find such gems these days.
@Roger W
MI Remodelers replaced my roof and couldn't be happier. They were very professional. Alway on time, very detail oriented, high quality and always thinking on my needs. I highly recommend them. This company has the best crew.
@Teresa R.
Gary and his team did a complete transformation on our front porch. Their professionalism on a day to day basis met all of our expectations! Great Company!
@Shelley Wright
We had MI remodelers out to replace our front steps and install a patio. Gary and the team were so easy to work with! We're a younger couple and weren't exactly sure what we wanted but they gave us lots of options and talked about which ones would be best. We had a couple of quotes done and we liked them the best because they were super punctual, a fair price, and really easy to get a hold of. Every time we contacted them we heard back from someone within a half our. The patio looks wonderful! Also while they were out, they noticed one of our gutters was falling so they quoted us a price to fix that took. The gutter looks amazing! Almost wish we would've replaced more (another project for another day). We defiantly plan on having MI remodelers come out to do more projects.
@Ashley H.
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