Windows are essential for homes, not just for looks but also for light, air, and energy efficiency. While many window styles open, there are plenty that don't. Often referred to as fixed windows, the styles explored in this article offer the benefits of windows, like natural light and views of the surrounding landscapes, without the security risks associated with windows that are made to open.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are expansive, fixed panes of glass that showcase breathtaking views of the outdoors. They are best used in living rooms, master bedrooms, or any space where you want to maximize natural light and highlight stunning scenery.


Uninterrupted Views: Perfect for enjoying the scenery outside without any obstructions.

Energy Efficiency: Since they're sealed shut, they keep your home well-insulated.


Cleaning Hassle: Washing them, especially if they're big, can be tough.

Fixed sash windows for home

Fixed Sash Windows

Fixed sash windows offer timeless elegance with their stationary panes. They are perfect for traditional or historic homes, adding character to rooms like formal dining areas or studies where ventilation isn't a primary concern.


Classic Look: They give your home a timeless feel, blending well with various architectural styles.

Secure: Since they don't open, they're a solid barrier against intruders.


Tough to Clean: Cleaning them, especially on upper floors, can be tricky without proper access.

Picture Windows vs Fixed Sash


Picture windows consist of a single, large pane of glass that is fixed in place within the window frame. They are designed to provide unobstructed views of the outdoors, maximizing natural light intake and showcasing scenic vistas. Fixed sash windows feature a traditional design with one or more fixed panes of glass within a window frame. They may have multiple panes arranged in a grid pattern or a single large pane.


Picture windows do not open or have any movable parts. They are primarily intended for aesthetic purposes and to enhance the visual appeal of a room by framing exterior views.Like picture windows, fixed sash windows do not open. However, they may be part of a larger window unit where other sections are operable, such as casement or double-hung windows. Fixed sash windows are commonly found in historic or period-style homes, contributing to their architectural charm and character.

Clerestory windows for your home

Clerestory Windows

Clerestory windows are positioned high on walls to let in ample sunlight while maintaining privacy. They are ideal for rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, or hallways where you want to infuse natural light without sacrificing privacy.


Lots of Light: They brighten up rooms, making them feel airy and spacious.

Architectural Interest: Their placement adds character and style to your home.


Hard to Install: Putting them in requires careful planning and expertise.

Transom windows for your home

Transom Windows

Transom windows sit above doors or other windows. They let in light without sacrificing privacy, making them handy in places needing both light and airflow.


More Airflow: They can enhance ventilation without compromising privacy.

Architectural Touch: They add visual interest to your home's exterior.


Tricky to Retrofit: Adding them later might need structural changes, making them complex and costly.

Skylight for your home

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows sit on your roof, bringing sunlight directly into your home from above. They're great for rooms with limited wall space or for creating a unique look.


Natural Light Source: They brighten up rooms, even those without many windows.

Space Savers: Ideal for small rooms where traditional windows aren't an option.


Tricky Installation: They need to be fitted properly to avoid leaks or energy loss.

Fixed casement windows for your home

Fixed Casement Windows

Fixed casement windows feature a simple, elegant design, offering architectural appeal and energy efficiency. While enhancing aesthetics, they limit ventilation and pose cleaning challenges.


Stylish Addition: They enhance your home's look with their clean lines and minimalist design.

Energy Savers: Their tight seal helps keep your home well-insulated.


Hard to Clean: Especially if they're high up, cleaning them can be a hassle.

Stained glass windows for your home

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are like pieces of art in your home. They're decorative, adding color and character while still letting light in.


Visual Appeal: They add a unique touch to any room, making it feel more special.

Privacy: Even with all the colors, they still offer some privacy while letting in light.


Fragile: They need to be handled with care to avoid damage.

Pricey: Custom-made stained glass can be expensive due to the craftsmanship involved.

Fixed and non-opening windows come in many styles, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Consider your home's style, your needs, and your budget when choosing the right windows for you. Whether you want a clear view, a touch of elegance, or a bit of greenery indoors, there's a window style out there for you.

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