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Crafted using lightweight materials such as concrete or polyurethane, manufactured stone veneer siding mimics natural stone. This siding material is an excellent option for homeowners who want to add some elegance to their home's exterior without breaking the bank.

Learn why homeowners in Oakland, Wayne, Washtenaw, Macomb, and Livingston counties call our contractors first. Text or call us at 888 544-7366 to start your stone siding project.

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What is Stone Veneer Siding?

New stone veneers siding contractors

Stone veneer siding is a great product that captures the elegance and texture of natural stone while having many benefits. It can be crafted from natural stone or high-density polyurethane, weighing only 1 to 1.5 pounds per square foot. This lightweight feature makes it easy to handle and install, helping make sure you have a hassle-free home improvement project.

Enhance Your Home with Stone

Stone veneer offers a ton of options for both interior and exterior applications. It can instantly create stunning accent walls, add class to an indoor fireplace, and raise your home's curb appeal. The flexible nature of stone veneer siding allows you to achieve the look you want, even if it is classic brick or rustic and textured stone.

Dimensions and Thickness

Our stone veneer panels come in a stock size of 42" long by 12" tall. Each panel can cover a space 41" long by 11" tall. How thick the panels are will depend on the type of stone used. It will tend to range from ½" to 2" thick. This range of thickness options makes for more flexibility during design and install. Making it easier than ever to cater to your specific style goals.

Insulation and Low Maintenance

Apart from improving the look of your home, stone veneer also comes with insulation benefits. An R-Value of 3.6 per inch helps keep your home's interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Stone veneer siding also needs minimal care, delivering long-lasting beauty with low maintenance needs. This blend of insulation and low maintenance makes stone veneer a budget-friendly choice for homeowners.

A Smart Investment

Not only does it offer visual appeal, but stone veneer is also a good investment. This durable, low-maintenance siding will raise curb appeal and result in a higher return on investment. When you choose stone veneer siding, you are making a wise decision that adds long-term value and boosts the overall look of your home.

Stone Veneer Profiles

Stone veneer contractor installing brick


Brick-style is designed to replicate the classic brick look, with rectangular blocks typically laid in a running bond pattern.

Stone veneer contractor installing ashlar


Ashlar features irregularly shaped stones with clean edges arranged in a random or staggered pattern for a natural appearance.

Stone veneer contractor installing ledgestone


Ledgestone-style is made with thin, irregularly shaped stones stacked horizontally for a rustic, textured look.

Stone veneer contractor installing castle


Castle mimics the look of aged, weathered stone with rough edges and various sizes and shapes for an organic appearance.

Stone veneer contractor installing fieldledge


Fieldledge uses flat, rectangular stones arranged in a running bond pattern, with some stones featuring slightly curved or textured surfaces for added visual interest.

Stone veneer contractor installing cobblestone


Cobblestone-style features small, rounded stones that are often laid in a random pattern to mimic the look of natural cobblestone.

Stone veneer contractor installing mosaic


Mosaic uses small, irregularly shaped stones in various colors and textures to create a unique, artistic pattern.

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Experienced Measure and Install Services

Exact Measurement for a Seamless Install

Count on the contractors at MI Remodelers to deliver exact measurements for a carefree stone veneer install. As professional siding contractor, we make sure of a perfect fit and beautiful result by getting all the needed dimensions of the area. This detailed method leads to an overall quality and durability other contractors can't match.

Installation on Various Surfaces

You can install Stone veneer siding on all kinds of surfaces, like brick, making it an option for many home styles. Our contractor team has years of expertise in working with different materials and textures, making sure you get a professional installation that you'll love for decades. We take pride in delivering high-quality craftsmanship that highlights the beauty of stone veneer on any surface.

Using Stone Veneer On Your Interior

Stone veneer is not just for the exterior. It can be used in interior applications to add a touch of natural beauty and texture to various surfaces.

Stone veneer contractor installation of stone on interior accent walls

Accent Walls

Stone can create stunning interior accent walls in living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, or other areas. Depending on the style used, it adds a rustic or contemporary charm and becomes a focal point of the room.

Stone veneer contractor installation on on a fire place


Surround your fireplace with stone to create a dramatic and cozy atmosphere. It adds a timeless appeal and transforms the fireplace into a visually striking feature.

Stone veneer contractor installation on backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash

Stone can be used as a backsplash material in kitchens, bringing a natural and earthy element to the space. In addition, it adds texture and visual interest, complementing various kitchen styles.

Stone veneer installers installation in a bathroom

Bathroom Walls

Stone veneer can create a spa-like atmosphere in bathrooms by applying it to select walls. It adds a natural beauty and texture touch, transforming the space into a relaxing oasis.

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Why Choose MI Remodelers for Stone Veneer Siding

Stone Veneer installers in Rochester Hills MI

Unleash the Beauty of The Stone

MI Remodelers is the top choice for homeowners looking to mix the timeless beauty of stone into the exterior of their homes. As a stone veneer contractor, we offer expert installations using high-quality materials and the latest techniques. Our expertise makes sure that the unique beauty of the stone shines through in every project we complete.

Premium Service and Customer Satisfaction

At MI Remodelers, we prioritize premium customer service and strive for total satisfaction. Our contractors will take the time required to understand your needs, vision, and priorities, working diligently to bring your dream project to life. We handle every project with precision and care, from the first meeting to the final cleanup, beating expectations along the way.

Let's Connect and Bring Your Vision to Life

Choose MI Remodelers as your trusted stone veneer installers. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of stone veneer siding options, inspiring your home remodel. When you're ready, contact us to start your project and give your home the upgrades you deserve. MI homeowners rely on MI Remodelers to deliver exceptional results that enhance the beauty, value, and comfort of their homes.

Learn why homeowners in Oakland, Wayne, Washtenaw, Macomb, and Livingston counties call us first. Text or call us at 888 544-7366 to start your stone siding project.

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Video Testimonials

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Online Testimonials

Gary and team did a great job on our exterior remodel! We had cedar shake siding that was stained and wearing badly. Mi remodelers was really patient with us while we decided whether we wanted to restain or try to power wash it natural and just seal. Thankfully we were able to go natural with it and love how it turned out!! They also replaced our garage door and did a ton of trim painting. It all looks so good together! We would definitely use them for future projects 😊
@Melissa Meyer
Our son in law recommended them to install gutters. Very glad we went with them! They came out quickly for an estimate. They were very reasonable and use quality materials. Soon after the estimate an appointment was scheduled to install the gutters. They showed up on time and were in and out in a matter of hours and did a quality job!!
@Kim H.
Excellent experience! Upon meeting with Gary, he educated me and inspired me regarding the decisions that I made on the upgrading of my home. Everyone was so professional, pleasant and timely. Will call for any work needed in the future! Have and will continue to refer anyone in need of home repairs.
@Kristy F.
Greatly appreciate MI Remodelers for garage and driveway, new drainage, and garage and porch brick repair. Very professional management and team. The job is formed and ready to pour. The financing has been easy. Ken (the expert with 37 years in the business) and Gary (the owner) have been onsite every step of the way. Gary has been hands on, responsive, and outstanding to work with. The onsite team of 5 hard and professional workers was refreshing. We had some unexpected surprises while clearing the old driveway, and no changes to contract. Not only do I appreciate Gary, during the excavation, he noted several opportunities for improvement that I took advantage of. Yeah, for a cost, but I really appreciate the guidance and suggestions and opportunity to take advantage of a larger driveway width that made more sense. Nice job. I figure that I will update this after the concrete is poured, and again after a month since I highly recommend this company. And personally, very rare that I find such gems these days.
@Roger W
MI Remodelers replaced my roof and couldn't be happier. They were very professional. Alway on time, very detail oriented, high quality and always thinking on my needs. I highly recommend them. This company has the best crew.
@Teresa R.
Gary and his team did a complete transformation on our front porch. Their professionalism on a day to day basis met all of our expectations! Great Company!
@Shelley Wright
We had MI remodelers out to replace our front steps and install a patio. Gary and the team were so easy to work with! We're a younger couple and weren't exactly sure what we wanted but they gave us lots of options and talked about which ones would be best. We had a couple of quotes done and we liked them the best because they were super punctual, a fair price, and really easy to get a hold of. Every time we contacted them we heard back from someone within a half our. The patio looks wonderful! Also while they were out, they noticed one of our gutters was falling so they quoted us a price to fix that took. The gutter looks amazing! Almost wish we would've replaced more (another project for another day). We defiantly plan on having MI remodelers come out to do more projects.
@Ashley H.
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