MI Remodelers is Michigan's fastest-growing construction company. We are a full-service remodeler with decades of experience as a window contractor, we offer complete window installation and replacement services to homeowners in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw, and Livingston counties.

Imagine a home with beautiful, energy-efficient windows that not only enhance its curb appeal but also save on heating and cooling costs. Professional window installation can transform your home, providing you with countless benefits. In this blog post, we will discuss the various services available in Rochester Hills, the importance of choosing the right window contractor, and the different types of windows to suit your preferences. Let’s embark on this journey to upgrade your windows and elevate the value of your home with the help of skilled window contractors.

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Bay window with metal siding and trim in Royal Oak

Choose Replacement windows

When selecting a window style for your home project, there are several factors to consider, such as:

The design experts at MI Remodelers can guide you through the selection process and find the perfect windows for your home.

Investing in energy-efficient windows is a great way to improve the overall energy efficiency of your Rochester Hills Michigan home. High-quality replacement windows in Rochester can help you reduce energy costs and enhance your living space comfort.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Contractor

Searching for the right window contractor involves checking their qualifications, including:

A contractor with a solid reputation will ensure that you receive the best service and save money in the long run.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a free estimate and inquire about any certifications they possess. A reliable contractor will provide you with a comprehensive project plan, including financing options, to make the process hassle-free and transparent.

Window Replacement Gallery

Types of Windows Available

We install and replace all styles of windows Rochester Hills

There is a wide array of replacement windows styles available, including:

Casement Windows

Casement windows, for example, can reach up to 8 feet tall, allowing for an increased amount of light and fresh air.

Gliding windows, which slide side to side, are typically found in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. They are similar to a sliding glass door but on a smaller scale. Another interesting option is awning windows, which open from the bottom via a crank mechanism and offer the benefit of allowing air and sound to enter the space while staying open in rainy weather.

Understanding the unique features of each window type makes it easier to decide which windows will best suit your home’s design and functional requirements.

Energy-Efficient Window Options

Energy-efficient windows are a smart investment for homeowners in Rochester Hills. These windows can help reduce energy consumption and make it more cost-effective to maintain a comfortable home environment. Companies like Sharp Concepts offer energy-efficient window products to cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions.

Installing energy-efficient replacement windows in Rochester Hills can lead to savings on your energy bills and ensure year-round indoor comfort. Keep this in mind when exploring different window options for your home.

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Window Repair vs. Replacement

Deciding between window repair and replacement requires a consideration of the differences and an evaluation of the damage severity and your budget. Window repair entails resolving specific issues with a window, such as replacing broken glass or fixing rot and decay, and is generally more cost-effective than window replacement.

On the other hand, window replacement involves removing the entire window unit, including the frame, and installing a new one. This option is usually chosen when the damage to the window is substantial, repairs are not cost-effective, or when homeowners wish to upgrade to more energy-efficient windows.

Both window repair and replacement offer several benefits, such as increased energy efficiency, increased home value, and enhanced aesthetics. Ultimately, the decision will depend on each homeowner’s unique circumstances and preferences.

Window customization

Customizing Your Windows

Windows play a significant role in the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. With various customization options, you can tailor your windows to match your home’s design and style. Some of the customization options include:

These options allow you to create windows that suit your individual preferences and enhance the beauty of your home.

For example, you can choose from different window styles, such as casement, double-hung, or specialty shapes, and select finishes that complement your home’s color scheme. Grid options are also available to add a touch of sophistication to your windows.

Customizing your windows can enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a look that reflects your personal style. Don’t be afraid to explore various customization options and make your windows a statement piece in your home.

Window installer

The Installation Process

Window installation is a meticulous process that requires the expertise of a professional contractor. The installation process typically begins with an initial consultation, during which the contractor and customer discuss the project and decide on the most suitable window type and installation method.

Next, the contractor measures the window opening accurately to ensure the new window fits correctly. Afterward, the existing window is carefully removed, and the window frame is cleaned and prepared for the new window. The new window is then dry-fitted into the opening, adjusted as needed, and securely installed.

Once the window is installed, the contractor completes the installation process by:

The Benefits of Professional Window Installation

Hiring a professional window contractor comes with numerous advantages. Expert craftsmanship ensures that your windows are installed correctly, leading to improved energy efficiency and increased home value. Additionally, a contractor with experience and a solid reputation guarantees that you receive the best service and save money in the long run.

Another benefit of professional window installation is the assurance of superior materials and installation techniques. For instance, Andersen windows are known for their quality and can increase a home’s value by at least 10%. Companies like Sharp Concepts provide excellent value in window installation services in Michigan.

Entrusting your window installation to a professional contractor offers several benefits:

How to maintain your new windows

Maintaining Your New Windows

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your new windows. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Regular inspections can help identify any issues early on, preventing further damage and costly repairs.
  2. Cleaning your windows with a mild soap and water solution can help maintain their appearance and functionality.
  3. If you notice any damage to your window screens, it’s advised to replace them to keep your windows in top condition.
  4. Sealing any gaps in your windows with caulk or weatherstripping can also help improve energy efficiency and protect your home from drafts and moisture.

When the existing paint on your windows begins to chip or fade, repainting them is an essential maintenance task to keep them looking fresh and well-kept. By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure your new windows remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Preparing Your Home for Window Installation

Preparing your home before the window installation process begins can facilitate a smooth and successful project. Start by clearing the area around the windows, removing any furniture, decorations, or other items that may obstruct the installation process.

Take precautions to protect your belongings during the installation process, such as covering furniture with drop cloths and moving delicate items away from the work area. Also, check for any potential obstructions or structural issues that may interfere with the installation and address them beforehand.

By taking these steps to prepare your home, you can help ensure a seamless and stress-free window installation experience for both you and the contractor. Professional home remodeler specializing in window installation and replacement

Enhance Your Home with MI Remodelers

At MI Remodelers, we take pride in being a locally owned and fully licensed window contractor serving the Rochester Hills community and the rest of SE Michigan. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch window installation that enhance the beauty and value of your property. With our affordable rates, professional installation services, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us with your window needs.

Contact us today for a free estimate in Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, and beyond. Schedule your window installation or replacement with MI Remodelers and experience the difference firsthand. Contact us today by texting or calling at 888 544-7366 to start your home improvement project.

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Online Testimonials

Gary and team did a great job on our exterior remodel! We had cedar shake siding that was stained and wearing badly. Mi remodelers was really patient with us while we decided whether we wanted to restain or try to power wash it natural and just seal. Thankfully we were able to go natural with it and love how it turned out!! They also replaced our garage door and did a ton of trim painting. It all looks so good together! We would definitely use them for future projects 😊
@Melissa Meyer
Our son in law recommended them to install gutters. Very glad we went with them! They came out quickly for an estimate. They were very reasonable and use quality materials. Soon after the estimate an appointment was scheduled to install the gutters. They showed up on time and were in and out in a matter of hours and did a quality job!!
@Kim H.
Excellent experience! Upon meeting with Gary, he educated me and inspired me regarding the decisions that I made on the upgrading of my home. Everyone was so professional, pleasant and timely. Will call for any work needed in the future! Have and will continue to refer anyone in need of home repairs.
@Kristy F.
Greatly appreciate MI Remodelers for garage and driveway, new drainage, and garage and porch brick repair. Very professional management and team. The job is formed and ready to pour. The financing has been easy. Ken (the expert with 37 years in the business) and Gary (the owner) have been onsite every step of the way. Gary has been hands on, responsive, and outstanding to work with. The onsite team of 5 hard and professional workers was refreshing. We had some unexpected surprises while clearing the old driveway, and no changes to contract. Not only do I appreciate Gary, during the excavation, he noted several opportunities for improvement that I took advantage of. Yeah, for a cost, but I really appreciate the guidance and suggestions and opportunity to take advantage of a larger driveway width that made more sense. Nice job. I figure that I will update this after the concrete is poured, and again after a month since I highly recommend this company. And personally, very rare that I find such gems these days.
@Roger W
MI Remodelers replaced my roof and couldn't be happier. They were very professional. Alway on time, very detail oriented, high quality and always thinking on my needs. I highly recommend them. This company has the best crew.
@Teresa R.
Gary and his team did a complete transformation on our front porch. Their professionalism on a day to day basis met all of our expectations! Great Company!
@Shelley Wright
We had MI remodelers out to replace our front steps and install a patio. Gary and the team were so easy to work with! We're a younger couple and weren't exactly sure what we wanted but they gave us lots of options and talked about which ones would be best. We had a couple of quotes done and we liked them the best because they were super punctual, a fair price, and really easy to get a hold of. Every time we contacted them we heard back from someone within a half our. The patio looks wonderful! Also while they were out, they noticed one of our gutters was falling so they quoted us a price to fix that took. The gutter looks amazing! Almost wish we would've replaced more (another project for another day). We defiantly plan on having MI remodelers come out to do more projects.
@Ashley H.
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